I am a Bachelor's qualified Nutritionist striving to use my passion to make a difference. On a deeper level, I'm a perfectionist who hopes to encourage you to approach wellness in a manner that it becomes your forever lifestyle. 

My journey to get here has been a battle. My passion for nutrition developed in college, when I was struggling with an eating disorder, deeply rooted in my lack of self-love.. 

I wanted to learn how to nourish myself to reach my goals, while simultaneously discovering how to love my body. I didn't want a diet, I wanted a way of life that would set me free and help me feel my best. Can you relate?

One of my goals is to introduce you to a new way of eating - one that is both satisfying and supportive of your personal wellness goals. I don't believe in cutting out food groups entirely, rather selecting whole foods and ingredients that will provide your body with high quality nutrients to help you achieve optimal wellness. 

My practice is more of a lifestyle enhancement approach.. At the end of the day, it's not just about eating healthy foods, or finding ways to make eating healthier a more enjoyable experience. It's also about helping you find foods that will support your specific lifestyle (improved mood, increased energy, better sleep, etc.).


I don't give you a meal plan, I give you macros specific to your individual needs because an individualized approach is the only way to truly get sustainable results. 

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